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XS Promotions are official representatives for TO HELL AND BACK

Many people looking to book a Meat Loaf tribute today often have difficulty in deciding which is the best; should we only book a full live band? or only those that have appeared on Stars in their Eyes? Here’s a few reasons why you should book TO HELL AND BACK and ignore the majority out there. There are about 10 Meat Loaf tributes in the UK at this moment in time, all portraying Meat Loaf as he was in the 70s; most are too thin and short to give a convincing impersonation of the big guy himself, the majority wear obvious ill fitting wigs and speak in between songs in broad Scottish, Yorkshire or southern (English) accents!! None of them become Meat Loaf; as one punter said, "others sing Meat Loaf songs, but they neither look or sound like Meat Loaf, but Dean becomes Meat Loaf!"

Established in 1994, you can rest assured that you are booking the best!

What makes TO HELL AND BACK better than the rest?

A quality and class act that has had a pro status for the last 12 years.

Dean is a Real Dead Ringer for Meat! He is the exact same height, and weighs in at 18 stone. He portrays Meat Loaf at the height of his career, from the 1978 era and also 1992 era when Meat Loaf released Bat out of Hell 2. Dean is the only tribute to Meat Loaf that actually talks between songs with a very convincing Texan accent, so much so that people actually think he is an American. Dean is also one of the very few that actually has his own long hair and doesn't wear a wig; it is also the exactly same colour as Meat Loaf's hair. Every detail has been faithfully copied.

Where TO HELL AND BACK really come into their own is the stage set, and sound and lighting show, using state-of-the-art 10-thousand watt Turbosound PA system and 15-thousand watt lighting rig. They really do create a fantastic visual tribute! They even have two 23ft by 13ft backcloths depicting the album covers from Bat Out Of Hell 1 and 2; they also have an American low rider chopper bike on stage! - with a fantastic American stars-and-stripes paint job done on it.

Finally, there's the voice; it's been described by many as "AWESOME, JUST LIKE MEAT LOAF".

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