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Jason Porter is Michael Buble
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Outdoor & Indoor Activities
4-LANE SCALEXTRIC (Click to view profile)
Get back to your childhood with our impressive Giant 4-LANE SCALEXTRIC set. Modelled on Brand's Hatch, when fully laid out the track measures 16ft x 8ft and includes a computer link which allows lap times to be recorded and keeps track of who is in the lead. This...Click to view profile.

8-LANE SCALEXTRIX (Click to view profile)

BALL POOLS (Click to view profile)
The BALL POOLS that we carry are very small and designed only for toddlers. They are approximately 8 feet in width with a depth of no more than 2 feet. They are subsequently filled with balls and ideally the child sits in it and of course plays with the balls...Click to view profile.

BAR FLY (Click to view profile)
The Inflatable BAR FLYs we carry are a unique concept using of course Velcro. The idea is that the participants dress up in a Velcro suit, they then run and jump on a trampoline provided at the start of the bar fly and launch themselves towards the Velcro wall onto which...Click to view profile.

BOUNCY BOXING (Click to view profile)
The BOUNCY BOXING unit that we carry looks very similar to a real boxing ring, with the four posts surrounded by two ropes which circle the complete unit. The unit measures 15 feet long and 15 feet wide. The recommended height for this item is approximately 8 1/2 feet. This takes...Click to view profile.

BOUNCY CASTLES (Click to view profile)
The BOUNCY CASTLES we carry are all small bouncy castles, ranging from 10 feet by 10 feet to 15 feet by 15 feet. Neither of these are suitable for adults but all are suitable for children...Click to view profile.

BUCKING BRONCO (Click to view profile)
This BUCKING BRONCO is the only full torso Bucking Bronco in Scotland. The length of the body is approximately 4 feet long, with width approximately 2 1/2 feet and a height clearance of approximately 8 1/2 feet including rider. It has a full bucking movement with a spin of a complete 360 degrees...Click to view profile.

BUNGIE RUN (Click to view profile)
The BUNGIE RUN is approximately 35 feet long and 12 feet wide, the height clearance is approximately 10 feet with a smaller one available still 35 feet in length and 12 feet width but a height clearance 8.5 feet is required. The object of the game is that the participant...Click to view profile.

GLADIATORS (Click to view profile)
The GLADIATOR events as you can see from the picture are very similar to some of the events in the television series The Gladiators. The idea is the participants stand on two podiums they are armed with large pummel sticks, foam padded at each end and foam padded in the...Click to view profile.

LASER SHOOTING SYSTEM (Click to view profile)
The LASER SHOOTING SYSTEM is an activity that is suitable for everyone. Pistol Shooting, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Target Shooting and all types of Game Shooting can be simulated on our giant projection screen giving a wide range of challenges and disciplines. Competitions can be set up for small or multiple...Click to view profile.

MOTOR BALL (Click to view profile)

POLE JOUST (Click to view profile)
The POLE JOUST, very standard, very straight forward, really the picture says it all. The participants sit on the pole and then attempt to dislodge their opponent with the use of pillows provided. The height is approximately 4 feet off the ground and the area taken up is 10 feet by...Click to view profile.

QUADS (Click to view profile)
The QUADS that we carry are 50cc quads. They are suitable for age groups of approximately 4 or 5 years old up until approximately 13 or 14 years of age. Really it's not much age it's more height and ability to drive the quads. We provide three quads and an...Click to view profile.

SUMO WRESTLING (Click to view profile)
The SUMO WRESTLING as you can see from the picture is quite bizarre looking. The idea of this game is we lay down a sumo mat which is foam of approximately 1 inch thick. The participant then climbs into a suit, which is then inflated until it is full of air and...Click to view profile.

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